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Document Control

EIDA’s comprehensive document management feature enables not just the management of construction drawings, but also enables the efficient transmitting of documentation between client companies, main contractors, and sub-contractors alike. Using this feature, users will always have the latest revisions of documents to hand.

  • Design document management
  • Easy to use document transmitting
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Quick uploading of documentation
  • User friendly

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance covers a wide range of features built into EIDA to help users with their everyday work. These include test packs, weld management non destructive testing, checklists and punch list management.

Test packs are systems specific and can be completed digitally via handheld devices, generated manually in pdf form (for printing) or contractors can upload their own template. The status of each test pack can be tracked and automatically brought into the system turnover tracker, displaying the total quantities of each test pack and their status.

  • Elimination of GDP errors for seamless handover
  • Rules engine prevents sign-off without completion
  • Automated test pack reporting upon completion of specific sheets
  • Automatic upload to browser upon completion 
  • Accurate test pack reporting

Pipework Tracking

Pipework tracking is EIDAs digital solution that allows fabrication workshops to track spools through fabrication to installation and give the contractor, construction management team and the client an extremely accurate picture of the mechanical installation progress of the project. Pipe sizes, pipe specifications, material management and welder management are all tracked through EIDA to accurately chart pipework progress.

  • Isometric management by system
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Accurate reporting of fabrication and Installation
  • Material and welder management

System Turnover

EIDA’s system turnover functionality digitally compiles system related information, pulling from all other functional areas within the software and producing a file (or files) with a predefined template. All information contained within the files are automatically indexed in a predefined format.

The templates are easily set up, by adding sections and subsections. Each subsection can pull in the following data from the various functional areas for compilation

A fishbone diagram (like below) of the Handover Pack will indicate the various sections and from what functional areas in EIDA each section relates to. It should be maintained to reflect any amendments made to each Handover Pack template.

RFIs & Submittals

RFIs are EIDA’s project communication system. Users create and send RFI’s along with a host of other options. Mandatory fields such as package, system, discipline, and many more are used to help with project handover and to allow users to narrow their search during filtering. Fields can be tailored to the client's preference, with adjustable workflows used to circulate items between users. 

  • Reduced RFI turnaround time
  • Workflow driven
  • Easy to use
  • Email notifications sent via
  • System linked for ease of turnover
  • Full audit trail

Submittals, like RFIs, work via adjustable workflows that can be built at ease. A submittal schedule can also be uploaded and can track when submittals are generated and approved. Many of the mandatory features that are relevant to the RFI screen are also viewable on the submittal screen. Submittal types can be added which can initiate new workflow types. A full audit trail can be viewed via the submittal cover sheet or browser.

  • Reduced Submittal turnaround time
  • Workflow driven
  • Easy to use
  • Email notifications
  • System linked for ease of turnover
  • Full Audit trail
  • Customised workflows for submittal types

Cx / CQV

Cx and CQV tracking takes place under the EIDAs innovative progress tracking tool, where contractors, main contractors and clients have access to view the commissioning status of equipment real-time. A list of activities will be setup to track the steps a piece of equipment will go through to ensure it is fully commissioned and handed over to the client. Behind each activity, depending on the type of equipment, will be a predetermined checklist for the user to complete and upload the required documentation.

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