Full commissioning processes and logic powering project go live

Whether it be a semiconductor or pharmaceutical plant, a battery factory or data center, EIDA will help get your commissioning activities started quicker than ever, driving towards achieving project milestones.



Customizable and ready in seconds

Get started quickly with templated set-ups, all fully customizable to map your processes. Detailed and considered logic ensures all users are directed through the process and that no shortcuts are taken, for complete peace of mind.

  • Activity dependencies ensure nothing is missed
  • Permissions ensure only those assigned to an activity can complete them
  • Workspaces manage all activities by area, owner, equipment type
  • Follow-on notifications alert users of activity completions / hold-ups
  • Schedule integration (inc. P6) ensures activities are driven towards project milestones
  • Activity lockdown ensures no changes can be made post-completion unless authorised
  • Full reporting instantly available for management & teams


Digital Checklists

Execution of project checklists through to completion

Customizable checklists ensures all required commissioning checks are carried out in full.

Priority items, when failed, are required to have defects assigned, informing users and vendors of equipment faults, with image capturing and annotation mark-up features via the browser or app.

Schedule integration prompts users to the next activity and in-built logic ensures that the correct checklist is presented for execution. Follow-on stakeholders are notified of completed sections of checklists, facilitating a smooth handover of works to the next trade.


Schedule Integration

Intelligent, in-built logic to keep all on schedule

Achieving project milestones is paramount and with in-built logic, users are pointed towards what’s next, driving towards key dates.

Via the browser or app, all relevant stakeholders can readily determine progress versus schedule, and with a host of filtering options, targeted searches are displayed in seconds.

Sample features, helping you drive project schedules, include:

  • Activity pull-in / push-out for forecast dates
  • Customizable working days for reporting calculations
  • Activity overruns and delayed notifications & alerts
  • Baseline / forecast imports from P6
  • Advanced progress v schedule reporting
  • Weekly and monthly look-aheads to drive team meetings


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