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EIDA delivers complete, hands-on, tailored solutions. We set up the software exactly as you need it and guide all stakeholders through the process. Most clients require a staggered implementation. We quickly get the project up and running and then phase in implementation and training as the various contractors join your project.

Construction Software

1. Demonstration
& Discovery

We’ll walk you through how EIDA supports each of your three key projects phases; Design, Construction and Turnover/Commissioning. A one-hour session with one of our senior consultants. Your demo will be tailored to your sector (life sciences, data center or semiconductor). On this call, we’ll also find out more about your project needs so we can prepare a Scope & Quote for your project.

2. Scope
& Quote

Our pricing is refreshingly straightforward and flexible. Pay on a project-by-project basis or license as an enterprise solution; most begin with the former. We can provide you with a tailored quotation after a short discussion about your project.

Request a call to discuss your project & EIDA pricing

3. Plan

We develop a complete plan to deliver precisely what your project and users require.

Discovery & Alignment
Several meetings with your various departments to understand your processes, see what’s needed, and prioritize implementation tasks. We begin designing and building workflows.

Final Scope
Finalize the list of modules and features required, and detail any required customization.

Training Plan
Develop a detailed plan for who needs to be trained, how, where and when. Scope all required training assets.

Tasks & Timeline
Together, we determine who does what and when. We map all to a Gantt chart.


4. Implementation
& Go-live

Rolling out all functionality and training.

Config & Go Live
Platform configuration for your needs. Complete any bespoke development. Data migration if the project has started on another system. Go live.

Create All Training Assets
Complete a full set of plans for your specific tasks – what each user needs to do to complete their task. Tailored for each job, 4-5 pages of instructions for each, for example, Receipt Verification, Welding Information Management, First-of-a-kind, System Turnover, Test Packs and more. When we have the software configured for the project, we update some courses in our Learning Management System to make specific to your project and processes.

Deliver Initial Training
On-site or online as required. Including how to use all the Execution Packs. Users will have ongoing access to our Knowledge Base, our Learning Management System, and user support.

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