Vendor Turnover Packs (VTOP)

Compiled mainly from the vendor submittal feature, VTOPs are generated with the assurance that all documentation has been approved and adheres to client vendor documentation requirements:


The Process

  • Vendors are guided through a streamlined process where Vendor Documentation Requirements are submitted for approval via customizable workflows
  • Full review cycle carried out within EIDA by all relevant stakeholders
  • Follow-on notifications alert users of activity completion
  • Vendors submit documentation over time as their project progresses
  • VTOP lockdown ensures no changes can be made post-generation unless authorised
  • Ability to add punch items / defects to submitted documentation e.g. during FAT

Vendor Turnover Packs

The Benefits

  • Standardizing vendor documentation across the project for the client
  • Fully customizable for each project
  • Auto-indexing and page numbering upon generation, saving hours of laborious work
  • Early access to client team members, enabling assignment of all position / component tags to approved documentation, in advance of VTOP compilation. A huge time-saver when transferring documentation to the client CMMS
  • Ability to generate VTOP’s by system instead of purchase order
  • Eliminates vendor costs for compiling their own VTOP’s
  • Live reporting stats available, showing VDR approvals & VTOP completion
  • Fully digital, saving on the environment and no physical storage costs

The ability to generate digital VTOP’s per System from EIDA has created an avenue for clients to generate standarised and fully GDP compliant turnover documents that are migration ready for their final document storage system.

This eliminates the need for CQV teams to review and bookmark the massive number of physical copies in order to check and validate the received documentation.

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