Digital Marketing in Construction: Three takeaways from Learn Inbound

Published on 2nd Feb 2016 at 11:57 by Sarah Kennedy

As a small, construction software company, making waves on social media seemed like an insurmountable task. When we started thinking about our digital marketing strategy we had so many questions:

  • Can we compete with bigger companies with dedicated digital marketing teams and a budget?
  • Would anyone be interested in what we had to say?
  • Would the right people be interested in what we had to say?

On Wednesday 20th January Darach and Sarah headed off to the Learn Inbound event to find out.

Speakers @kirsty_hulse, @paddymoogan and @leximills gave loads of brilliant tips and advice but here are our top 3 takeaways for beginning your B2B digital marketing journey:

1. Check what content is trending in your industry

One of our main concerns when we starting thinking about digital marketing and blogging in particular was figuring out what we should say. As all three speakers pointed out, the best way to discover what you should be blogging about is by finding out what your potential customers and clients want to know. But how?

Luckily there are a number of tools available online that can do a lot of the hard work for you. Paddy Moogan’s top picks were Huballin and Answer the Public. Both tools allow you to search for a keyword or topic, and will give you an overview of google and bing search queries relating to this topic – an easy way of finding out what potential customers and clients are interested in.

For example, take our product – construction software – if we perform a search with Answer the Public we find out that there are a lot of queries about construction software for macbooks and free construction software – already there’s two blog topics that we know people are interested in.

Equally we could search for keywords that represent aspects or benefits of our product. For example, Lean Construction, BIM, quality assurance and so on.

Huballin and Answer the Public are especially useful in industries such as construction, that are less active on social media and thus more difficult to gauge trends and motivations. 

Thanks to Paddy Moogan for the heads up!

2. Signpost

This one was a biggie for us.

Earlier on this month we released our first whitepaper.

We wanted to provide an overview of a particular challenge many construction contractors face, and to outline a detailed solution. Why did we spend months researching and drawing up this report? To drive leads of course! But how?

Kirsty Hulse advises us to use signposts. Tell potential customers or clients what steps to take next. You can do this by including Call to Actions (e.g. download now, read more), or in our case by directing those who read our whitepaper to schedule a free demo with us. These signposts can take many forms depending on your product and intention. As such, Kirsty advices us to test, test, test!

3. Don’t underestimate trade media

Some industries and products are naturally more tantalising than others. Unfortunately construction software isn’t one of them.

However, at Learn Inbound Lexi Mills reminds us that there are people who are interested in your industry – you just need to know where to look.

Take Trade Magazines for example. Lexi explains, that these exist purely because people are interested in industry specific news. One of the great things about Trade Media is that anyone who engages with it has at least some interest and knowledge of the industry. It might be for this reason that many of Lexi’s B2B customers report higher conversion rates from Trade Media than from exposure in the mainstream. Furthermore, it’s not unheard of for mainstream media to turn to trade and business counterparts to track upcoming trends.

We may not have puppies and kittens meeting for the first time kind of appeal – but we do have expertise to share, and industry specific media to share it in.

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