Why choose EIDA as your construction management software?

Every project is different, every client is unique. EIDA is a software platform designed by engineers for engineers, used to simplify high tech engineering projects. We leverage our knowledge of our clients' business, enabling them to reduce project operating costs, enhance quality and optimise site performance, thus differing the service that they provide from those delivered by their competitors.

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Increased Project Efficiency & Transparency

EIDA allows you greater visibility of project KPIs keeping the user in the best place to make informed management decisions.

  • Customisable & highly configurable workflows throughout the software improve the efficiency of project communication & information flow
  • A range of entitlements ensure users’ efforts are focused on role specific activities
  • All actions within EIDA have an in-built audit trail, providing verification and project traceability

Latest Technologies

We are constantly investing in new technologies to further enhance our clients' capabilities.

EIDA provides live project information to the user in a variety of different ways:

  • EIDA uses QR codes to easily track progress against project assets. For example, this enables our clients to monitor pipework progress throughout fabrication, delivery, installation & testing.
  • EIDA BIMtegration empowers our clients to prepoulate vital project data. Drawings, bill of materials, pipework spools can be instantly compiled for project use. Material Updates within EIDA reflect realtime progress within the 3D Model.
  • On site retrieval of information and updates via the EIDA App facilitates the efficient flow of project progress. Offline updates are automatically synced upon reconnecting to an internet connection.

Customisable to project requirements

We understand that no two projects are the same. Ease of use and project customisation are primary concerns for us.

  • RFI’s, submittals and permits are easily tailored to suit each project.
  • Infinitely customisable, the EIDA Tracker provides our clients with a platform for tracking tasks like structural steel erection, equipment delivery & installation, project documentation and cable installation.

"Thanks for the support last week. That was a real demonstration in how it should be done. Mobilisation. Demo. Implementation. Great Job. When you implement change this is what you need. Well Done"

Tony Hennessy Project Manager Mercury Engineering

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Avoid significant upfront licence fees; EIDA's subscription model saves project cash flow

  • Flexible payment: EIDA adopts a payment structure with its clients to ensure it spreads payment over the project lifecycle. This means a monthly cost as opposed to a huge start-up fee
  • Service: This means we offer the same service across the project. We’re always there to provide training or support, either remotely or on site
  • Reduces project variables: This payment flexibility removes the need for expensive project change requests. We recognise that our clients’ needs are variable throughout the project, so we won’t add costs if a client wants to vary software functionality

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