Author: Eoin Reidy

The pharmaceutical industry in figures

The pharmaceutical industry plays a vital role in societies worldwide to help people live longer and healthier lives. It is a multi billion dollar industry that has contributed to the increase in life expectancy for men and women across the globe, has provided much needed vaccines and reduced pain and …

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The Semiconductor Industry’s 3 Biggest Challenges

Semiconductors have long been the cornerstone component of modern technology whether it’s powering computers, smartphones, artificial intelligence or the devices and systems we use in our everyday lives. It is an extensive and competitive industry with global semiconductor sales in 2022 reaching $618 billion, a rise of more than 30 …

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Interphex: EIDA Keynote Session

This year’s Interphex is fast approaching and EIDA are delighted to be delivering a keynote session titled “Digitizing Complex Project Turnover Documentation” on the INNOPHEX Stage. The session will be hosted by EIDA’s own Dan McAlister and Zach Deasey and will focus on how EIDA delivers GDP compliant Vendor & …

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The top pharma blogs to follow in 2023

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent vaccine research, development and rollout has changed the landscape for the pharma industry and has seen the likes of the FDA and other equivalent regulators around the world look to streamline and speed up its approval processes.  Advances are now happening at breakneck speed …

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Vendor Turnover Packs (VTOP’s)

The Vendor Turnover Pack (VTOP) module is a very unique selling point of EIDA and has been successfully produced and used by one of our pharmaceutical clients in the US, one of the largest biopharma facilities in the world. Compiled from the vendor submittal module, digital VTOP’s are generated with …

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Cybersecurity fundamentals for construction companies

In the digital age we live in, cybersecurity is becoming more essential as the danger and potential risks continue to rise and evolve. Cyberattacks are expected to grow over the next five years as well as the cybersecurity talent shortage. Within the construction and infrastructure industry, companies must protect their …

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Women in Construction Week

This week (5th – 11th March) is Women in Construction Week which celebrates and promotes the role of women in the construction industry. The focus this year is ‘Many Paths, One Mission’, celebrating the different journeys women have taken toward the same goal: strengthening and amplifying the success of women …

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Top causes of construction rework that affect your profitability

Most of us have heard the expression “measure twice and cut once” and it makes sense both literally and figuratively to construction. It can apply to the thorough process of pre planning a large complex build or applied down to the level of cutting the right size piece of wood …

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EIDA’s support beats global benchmarks

Here at EIDA we pride ourselves on providing great customer service to our clients with a hands-on and collaborative approach. Our values are at the heart of our ability to deliver a specialist solution for complex construction projects and help our clients and customers with their needs and goals. We …

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