08 Feb 2024

The trends in Data Center Construction for 2024

The trends in datacenter construction for 2024

The trends in Data Center Construction for 2024

The demand for data centers continues to surge, prompting the construction industry to evolve and adapt to meet the challenges of the digital era we are in. There are more than 8,000 data centres globally, with about 33 per cent in the US, 16 per cent in Europe and close to 10 per cent in China, with more planned. In Ireland, data centres have developed rapidly, and there are currently 82 data centres; 14 are under construction and 40 more are approved.

With the evolving landscape it is important for clients, main contractors and sub-contractors to understand the several key trends that are influencing design, sustainability and efficiency of new data center builds. In this article we will explore some of the key trends shaping data center construction this year.



It goes without saying that sustainability is a top priority when building data centers and great efforts should be made that minimises the environmental impact while still providing reliable and secure data processing and storage services when completed. The common perception is that data centers are huge energy consumers and various estimates have placed data centres as accounting for 2% of the world’s energy consumption which places it roughly equivalent to the aviation industry.

In Ireland the IEA expects the sector to consume 32 per cent of total electricity by 2026 compared to 17 per cent in 2022 which has increased political and environmental scrutiny which in turn raises the stakes for securing planning permission. This concern is echoed in other countries too. Although big strides have been made, designing, constructing and operating sustainable data centers remains one of the biggest challenges facing developers, clients, contractors, co-location operators and hyperscalers alike.

From the outset a sustainable project plan should be put in place that embeds best practice sustainable design principles into each project stage that includes tackling the building design, materials, engineering solutions, construction and operation and still delivers on commercial objectives.


Prefabrication and Modular Construction for Agility:

Prefabrication and modular construction methods are gaining popularity for their ability to accelerate project timelines and improve cost efficiency. By assembling components off-site, data center construction becomes more agile, allowing for quicker deployment and scalability.

With modular you want to be able track progress offsite and drive for quality. Using an intelligent construction management software like EIDA, multiple trade contractors can be assigned off-site manufacturing works and progress via intuitive logic, ensuring activities are completed in sequence and the assigned checklists are completed in full. Stakeholders are therefore kept fully up to date and the project can move at pace.

This trend enables businesses to adapt to changing computational needs, ensuring that data centers can be expanded or modified efficiently without disrupting ongoing operations.


Enhanced Security Measures:

With the ever increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats and physical threats, security is a top priority and data centers are investing heavily in advanced security measures during construction and into operations.

This includes integrated security systems, biometric access controls, and robust cybersecurity infrastructure. The goal here is to create not only physical fortresses but also digitally secure environments that safeguard sensitive data.

Physical safeguards like seismic bracing for earthquake protection, flood barriers for flood-prone areas, and fire-resistant materials have become more commonplace. Data centers should be designed with physical barriers to prevent forced entry and ensure there are limited entry points. This involves setting up multiple layers of separations and requiring access controls to each layer.

The trends shaping data center construction in 2024 reflect a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and adaptability. The industry is evolving to meet the challenges of a data-driven future. As construction practices and innovations continue to advance, these trends will play a pivotal role in defining the next generation of data centers, ensuring they are not only robust and secure but also environmentally conscious and agile.

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