24 Apr 2024

New Strategic Partnership – EIDA Solutions & Kyron Innovative Technologies, an AM Company

Dan McAlister & Ronan Downey

Pictured are Dan McAlister, CEO, EIDA Solutions & Ronan Downey, Technology & Innovation Lead, Kyron Innovative Technologies, an AM Company.

EIDA Solutions and Kyron Innovative Technologies, an AM Company, are coming together to form a strategic partnership following a close working relationship that began almost 12 years ago in the earliest days of EIDA and has involved working on many different projects together worldwide. Together, they are poised to transform project delivery and unlock new possibilities for their clients.


EIDA Solutions is the leading provider of construction management, commissioning and turnover software in the life sciences and technology sectors.


Kyron provides expert Construction Quality and Commissioning Services that enable global blue-chip customers to ramp up to production seamlessly. Their unique processes and people provide a reliable and bespoke service that delivers schedule certainty, helping customers gain cost certainty and time, improve processes, and increase production.


Ciaran Brennan the founder of Kyron was an early adopter and supporter of EIDA and along with Ronan Downey, Dave Tyrrell, John Heffernan and the rest of the team, they have been instrumental in the success of some of EIDA’s largest projects to date. Kyron have a proven track record in delivering outstanding results for their clients and this new partnership will leverage the complementary strengths of both companies with the aim of enhancing their clients’ success. 


The relationship so far has been a very positive one where both companies have worked together to develop new product functionality, features and updates throughout the years. In 2023, Kyron was acquired by US based, AM Technical Solutions (AM) who is a global architecture, engineering, construction, and commissioning company serving the high tech markets. With this expanded market and client presence, they believe the impact can be greater.


Commenting on the partnership, Dan McAlister, CEO of EIDA Solutions said


“I’m thrilled that we are coming together to formalise this partnership that has been and continues to be one of the most important relationships we’ve had since we began. The team at Kyron have been superb to work with, highly knowledgeable and innovative and have been a shining example of exemplary project delivery. We are really looking forward to continuing our work together, developing new client joint relationships and supporting Kyron on future projects.” 


Ronan Downey, Project Manager with Kyron Innovative Technologies said


“Both Kyron and EIDA Solutions started out around the same time. Both companies have people who worked together prior to the respective start-ups. I think that this created a bond of trust from the outset. Working with the EIDA Solutions “boys” has always been one of the favourite parts of my job. Throughout the years, every collaboration has been done with the utmost of respect for the professional capabilities that each person brings to the problems we have worked to solve. Both companies have worked hard to forge unique paths in our industry. Our new partnership brings that exceptionality together in one place. This can only be to the benefit of our customers, who both companies put to the centre of all our efforts. Formalising the partnership between Kyron and EIDA Solutions is more than a coming together, and more like a coming to a shared home.”


The partnership will also see Kyron coming on board with the new EIDA Accreditation program that rewards completion of EIDA’s various training courses aimed at different levels and functions. Kyron’s team members will be able to digitally share their official EIDA accreditation and add it to their CV’s and to job networking sites. 

(L to R) Ronan Downey, Kyron, Zach Deasey, EIDA & Dan McAlister, EIDA giving a talk on "Faster Project Setup for Digital Execution"

Ronan Downey, Kyron, Zach Deasey, EIDA & Dan McAlister, EIDA giving a keynote on “Faster Project Setup for Digital Execution” at Interphex 2024


By harnessing their collective expertise, knowledge and resources, the new partners are poised to tackle the challenges that come with delivering large and complex builds, drive efficiencies, and address the evolving needs of clients.


For more information about EIDA Solutions and Kyron Innovative Technologies / AM, please visit www.eidasolutions.com , https://kyroninnovativetechnologies.com/ and www.amts.com respectively.


Media Contact: Eoin Reidy, Marketing Manager, eoin.reidy@eidasolutions.com

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