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Tony Hennessey, Project Manager, Mercury Engineering

Water fabrication facility

Wafer Fabrication Facility, Kildare, Ireland

Implemented on 6 projects across 4 years in Leixlip, Ireland, EIDA facilitated the fabrication and install of pipework & equipment in a large Wafer Fabrication Facility.

Added value and innovation

BIM imports

Use of BIM on this project was substantial, and EIDA aimed to reduce manual input of the information received from BIM where possible. EIDA created a BIM importing capability, where the contractor uploaded spool information directly from the BIM design.

QR Scanning

One of the project constraints was that each individual spool required tracking.  EIDA implemented a solution utilising QR codes and our tablet based App to facilitate accurate spool progress tracking in the field

Oil and Gas Project Ruwais

Oil & Gas project, Ruwais, UAE

EIDA was contracted to SBK holdings on a large scale Oil Refinery project in Ruwais, UAE. This was a refinery expansion project worth $4.5 billion to increase its production of polyethylene, polypropylene, and ethylene by nearly 4 million tonnes/year.

Added value and innovation


Our Permit functionality has created significant value in the oil and gas industry, where site safety is paramount. Using customisable workflows, EIDA ensures all permits were correctly routed through the necessary approval stages, keeping all relevant parties informed. Across the Ruwais project, our client created over 14,000 permits with a stated average time saving of 25 minutes per permit.

Food Processing Project Netherlands

Food Processing Project, Veendam, Netherlands

Mercury Engineering were contracted to complete the mechanical, electrical & civil installation of a food processing facility in Veendam, Netherlands. EIDA was used to manage the documentation, QA and various progress aspects on the project.

Building Services Project Naas

Building Services project, Naas, Ireland

EIDA was used to manage all project drawings, RFI’s & Submittals as well as tracking equipment progress (ordering, delivery to site, installation & commissioning) for a large scale multinational Food Corporation.

Added value and innovation

Activity Diary

An activity diary was rolled out to enablie field personnel to update live on-site activities. One of the difficulties around tracking on-site construction progress is that each activity has its own unique process, and a lot of the time it’s very difficult to define an exact timeline for task completion as a result. With this in mind, EIDA created an Activity Diary, which aimed to use on-site real time info to determine when a task would be finished. Baseline dates would be defined by the planners, and uploaded to EIDA from P6. The site personnel can then update various task information, such as percentage progress, the projected completion date, and what obstacles may threaten efficient plan execution. This enabled our client to spot potential problems early, and keep the project on track as a result.

Data Centre Sweden

Data Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

In a major data centre project, EIDA has been used to track the project from early construction. The project is currently ongoing, and has a new build of 6000m2, and an IT load of 23MW. The 1st phase will deliver 9MW.

Added value and innovation

Cable Tracking

EIDA offered a unique solution for tracking cable on-site. EIDA used its progress tracker to create a custom cable tracker for this project, which would map cable install from procurement through to testing. As well as creating a log of all cable activities to be completed, reporting functionality was developed which alerted the contractor if activities were not completed on time.

Pharmaceutical Project Limerick

Pharmaceutical Project, Limerick, Ireland

A Large Pharmaceutical corporation looked to convert an existing manufacturing facility in Limerick into a €300 million Biologics facility. EIDA enabled two different mechanical & electrical contractors on site to complete their operations, which included project handover of mechanical, electrical, HVAC and instrumentation systems.

Added value and innovation

NDT Module

EIDA designed a fully functional NDT requisition and statistical analysis tool. This module encompasses a full range of NDT functionality and reporting. From NDT requisitions to detailed statistical analysis, these features ensure that the contractor is carrying out all NDT operations to meet the project specifications.

Chemical Plant Scotland

Chemical Plant, Grangemouth, Scotland

An Italian chemicals company engaged our client to fabricate and track the pipework in a large elastomer production facility. The contract included mechanical and instrumentation services. EIDA was used for document control, pipework tracking, log documents, punch items and test packs on site.

Pharmaceutical plant Belgium

Pharmaceutical Plant, Wavre, Belguim

A leading vaccine manufacturer looked to construct a bulk vaccine manufacturing facility, 14,300sqm in area. EIDA was contracted to the mechanical contractor to manage project documentation, and track pipework and equipment install.

Added value and innovation

Punch Items

EIDA created a Punch item functions to manage defects on-site For this project, EIDA completely reorganised the process in creating and managing site defects. This development via the EIDA App enabled the process to be completed automatically in one step.

Pharmaceutical plant Ireland

Pharmaceutical Plant, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin was selected as a location for a €450 million biologics manufacturing facility to head up an American client’s biologics division. EIDA was contracted from the beginning of construction and has managed all drawing and log document control on the project thus far. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

Added value and innovation

BCAR function

To aid the project designers in complying with newly introduced building regulation reporting, EIDA developed functionality whereby users would preplan site visits and record these on site via the EIDA App. Users are able to report on a multitude of design areas including image capturing and distribution to various project personnel.

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