Document Management

Document management platform

This module stores all types of electronic documents related to your specific project. Users will easily be able to find the correct document they need instantly in a centralised and secure environment.

  • Manage General Arrangements, P&ID's, Isometrics, Specifications, Schematics & more
  • Rules engine ensures that only current drawings are available for site distribution
  • Alert users of documents yet to be transmitted & instantly generate transmittals
  • Create, circulate and track RFI's & Submittals
  • Full audit trail available for every document

Watch our document management module in action.

"Thanks for the support last week. When you implement change this is what you need."

Tony Hennessey, Project Manager, Mercury Engineering

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Platform

This module provides the users with the facility to generate accurate project handover documentation using EIDA Solutions unique QA Engine. It offers management an ideal platform to stay well-informed about Quality Assurance.

  • Close Punch Items smarter & faster
  • 100% accurate Weld History records for all types of welding including petrochemical
  • Test Packs and associated certificates are easily assembled and generated in seconds
  • Unique interface for Test Pack and System handover results in increased efficiency
  • Logically incorporates NDT, Material and Welder information

Read our whitepaper on NDT management, or watch our short video on test-pack generation

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking Platform

This module encompasses all aspects of Fabrication, Installation, Supports, Equipment, Testing & Commissioning to deliver real time project information which aids management in crucial decision making.

  • Monitor off site sub contractors' fabrication
  • On site installation progress reporting
  • Integrates with Quality Assurance module to provide full handover transparency
  • Built with an advanced project weightings algorithm to calculate accurate progress
  • Comprehensive alert mechanism provides users with timely notifications

Materials Management

Materials Management Platform

This module enables Material Take Offs (MTO) to be easily compiled to assist with material procurement. The built in logic provides a platform for Quantity Surveyors to perform full analysis of estimations & variations.

  • Eliminates unnecessary ordering of materials
  • Compares materials associated with different drawing revisions to indicate variations
  • Instantly compiles all MTO's created by all users
  • Integrates with BIM software to extract material lists
  • Alerts users of material shortages

Real Time Reporting

Real time reporting example

EIDA Solutions Reporting Engine provides managers with an array of analytical reports and a level of insight that enables them to quickly and easily see how the project and its users are performing.

  • Streamlines live data as required by the user to facilitate in daily project activity
  • Instant report generation
  • Includes a set of standard reports designed to work with unique features of the software
  • Provides project transparency for management
  • Integrated Workflow & Customised reports based on user's preferences


Using the latest technologies our solution delivers a secure, scalable and unique offering that is hosted, maintained and backed up regularly. This approach eliminates needless capital expenditure for our clients.

  • Integrates with 3rd party systems such as BIM & Asset management software
  • Designed with ease of use as a primary requirement
  • Full audit trail tracks user updates
  • Built-in validation for the correct and secure entry and processing of data
  • Scalable platform that can run multiple projects at once
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