04 Nov 2021

EIDA Solutions develop functionality to help contractors capitalise on eagerly awaited construction legislation.

Irish construction software company EIDA Solutions have developed a new system to help contractors standardise and corroborate construction payment claims. Their recently released ‘Activity Diary’ functionality intends to replace the paper-based daily log commonly found on construction sites.

The construction industry has undergone significant changes since its Celtic Tiger heyday with many Irish contractors suffering as a result of cash flow problems during the recession. In an attempt to learn from past mistakes the Construction Contracts Act introduced today provides legislative support to contractors and subcontractors. The act regulates payment intervals and provides the option to refer payment disputes to adjudication.

But with the introduction of new legislation comes new challenges. Payment claims, responses and disputes must be substantiated. This places the onus on stakeholders to keep comprehensive project narratives that record progress, site conditions, weather and more.

Dan McAlister, co-founder and CEO of EIDA Solutions and mechanical engineer explains “We would record daily project details but it could take weeks to organise this information if a dispute did arise.” With the introduction of a defined schedule under this new legislation contractors will find themselves under increased time constraints.

Recognising a window of opportunity EIDA Solutions have developed a tool that allows contractors to quickly record project progress and relevant information such as on-site delays using their mobile application. Timestamped photos can be added to updates and relevant personnel can be informed of (potential) delays to project progress. With the click of a button contractors can compile compelling evidence and project timelines complete with a fully comprehensive audit trail if a payment dispute does arise.

Along with the ‘Activity Diary’ functionality EIDA Solutions have developed a ‘Payment Claim’ module that simplifies the new payment claim process introduced by the same Construction Contracts Act. This module manages contractors’ payment claim notices and responses with inbuilt logic and notifications to ensure contract deadlines and the new legislative requirements are adhered to.

Dan McAlister, says he hopes “these new features will be beneficial to contractors and help them to capitalise on this long awaited legislation.”

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