About EIDA Solutions

Established in 2010, EIDA Solutions brings together a wealth of experience in the construction and technology industries. We have leveraged this domain expertise to develop a ground breaking solution to assist engineering companies in this digital age.

We are dedicated to enabling our clients to reduce project operating costs, enhance quality and optimise site performance, thus differentiating the services that they provide from those offered by their competitors.

Dan McAlister


With over 20 years MEP contracting experience, Dan has worked on some of the largest semi-conductor and pharmaceutical construction projects in recent years in Ireland, the Middle East and Sweden dealing with clients such as Intel, Pfizer, Bristol Myer Squibb & Wyeth Medica.

Ramy Michael


Ramy has over 20 years business and IT experience delivering IT projects in the banking industry and various financial institutions across many different countries from Asia Pacific to Eastern Europe, the USA, the UK and Ireland. Previously he worked as a Development Manager for Oracle, Siebel Systems, Inc. & Eontec.

Cathal Devilly


Cathal has been designing, developing and implementing enterprise software solutions for over 20 years. He has worked for leading technology companies including EDS, Siebel Systems and Oracle while delivering projects for the Banking, Insurance and Automotive industries.

"EIDA has saved us countless hours to date"

Aisling Goff Document Controller Mercury Engineering

Product Development

Historically, the construction sector has been slow to embrace IT solutions to aid engineers and management in the delivery of mechanical and electrical projects. At EIDA Solutions we believe that this is due to traditional software applications being focused on IT capabilities rather than delivering systems which meet the needs of construction engineering professionals. We have addressed this shortfall by developing a software product which uses technology to accelerate and simplify the delivery of complex construction projects. EIDA Solutions in-built construction processes, used in a collaborative way by all users results in a higher quality of project outputs. This is proven in all our projects to date and our iterative approach to improving these many processes aligns itself with the paradigm of Lean Construction.

Software as a Service

The deployment of software as a service (SaaS) and more generally, cloud computing, is one of the fastest growing trends within the software industry. Adoption rates are growing across all verticals including the construction sector.

The EIDA Solutions offering is accessed by existing clients as a service which allows them to eliminate the capital expenditure and up-front fixed infrastructure costs associated with traditional software deployments. The SaaS model further reduces cost of ownership by enabling:

  • instant access to software updates
  • rapid deployment of extra computing resources
  • automated secure backup of important data

Our delivery model is backed up by a comprehensive support package which provides email and phone support by a dedicated team of domain experts. Full training is provided for our software, ensuring that our customers gain maximum benefit from our systems.


EIDA Solutions is an innovation driven organisation. We firmly believe that an ongoing process of research and development will allow us to provide our clients with new ways to maximise productivity, quality and return on investment.

The use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) is gathering pace and revolutionising the way construction projects are being executed. EIDA Solutions unique logic harnesses the information from BIM models directly into our software to enable MEP contractors to add value across the entire life cycle of construction projects.

EIDA Solutions provides a scalable, resilient and well supported product so that our customers can concentrate on delivering world class construction engineering projects.

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